Triumph Over Terror – #Never Forget September 11, 2001

Triumph Over Terror now has two major awards.

2017 – Triumph Over Terror – Finalist in the National Best Book Awards.

bookfest finalist

2018 – Triumph Over Terror – Finalist in International Book Awards



Ossler is author of Triumph Over Terror, written with Janice Hall Heck, a book about his experiences at Ground Zero. He spent a total of forty-five days over a period of four months at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks. Fifteen years later, after harboring painful memories of the disheartening and disturbing sights he witnessed there, Ossler decided to clear his mind and write Triumph Over Tragedy to show how he conquered his own terrors.

Ossler’s descriptions of his interactions with the families of victims of 9-11, rescue and recovery workers, cleanup workers, and thousands of volunteers will touch your heart and help you understand the physical and emotional, and spiritual suffering of those most intimately associated with 9-11. It will also help you understand a bit more those who struggle through any kind of emotional distress, whatever the cause.

Ossler struggled with his own post-traumatic stress syndrome: painful memories, bob-at-millville-9-11-2flashbacks when sounds or smells tricked his brain into thinking he was back on the Pile, nightmares, sleeplessness. But he conquered his anxieties by relying on his firm foundation–his faith in God.

The stories in Ossler’s book show readers how they can react to tragedy themselves, but also how to respond to others going through difficult disruptions in life without falling victim to bitterness, anger, apathy, or other emotional problems.You may find more information about Bob Ossler and his sidekick, Janice Hall Heck, at

Triumph Over Terror is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. Several excerpts from the book are available on this website.

Thanks again. God bless all of you. Bob Ossler Chaplain Janice Hall Heck.