Daily Post Prompt: Underdog

So this prompt I can write about: Underdog.

My coauthor (Janice Hall Heck) and I have written a book entitled Triumph Over Terror, a book about my experiences as a volunteer chaplain at Ground Zero after September 11. It was a hard book to write because of the painful memories of suffering that flooded back into my mind. But, to once and for all, clear my head of these memories, I enlisted the help of my writers critique group friend, Janice Hall Heck.

It took us a year, but now Triumph Over Terror has been published and available on
Amazon for just over a year where we have 51 5-star reviews.

Now we are in a Readers Choice competition, and we are an UNDERDOG, trailing a book about a special needs DOG by about 450 points. I don’t know how the author amassed so many votes. We have been working hard to get our 140 votes. (Although we did join this contest a month after it started.)

We started at the dead last position 54 in the Memoir category (6/16) about ten days ago. But thanks to our readers, friends, family, we have moved up to 5th place.  Still an underdog, but moving up. Unfortunately, after our initial run-up, our numbers have stalled.  We have been in 5th place for about a week.

We are behind four other books:  A Spot in My Heart  (special needs dog), 508 votes; Great Peacemakers, 161 votes; The Kitty who Rescued Me after I Rescued Him, 201; Literally Unbelievable Stories of Oakland Classroom, 278; and Great Peacemakers, 161.

I am sure these are touching books. In fact, I may read several of them myself. Our book is dedicated to all those who lost their lives at Ground Zero and to the heroes who working in the rescue and recovery and clean-up operations in the aftermath.

Can you help us move up a place or two in this contest? The deadline is December 10. There is no reward, just the privilege to past a gold or silver sticker on the front of the book. But, of course, there will be some book promotion, too.

You can vote here: buff.ly/2zYMgjJ   Category 6/16 #Memoir  Thank you.

Click on right side of black bar (1/16) til you reach 6/16. Then scroll down til you see Triumph Over Terror and click on our names. A whirling circle will tell you that your vote has been counted.

Please vote now.  buff.ly/2zYMgjJ Category 6 #Memoir Triumph Over Terror. Help us become the Top Dog.

Thanks again. God bless all of you. Bob Ossler Chaplain Janice Hall Heck.

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Triumph Over Terror – Finalist – American Book Fest 2017

Chaplain Bob Ossler and Janice Hall Heck are happy to announce that Triumph Over Terror is a Finalist in the American Book Fest competition in the History Category. November, 2017.  (www.americanbookfest.com)

Triumph Over Terror also has 51 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Now we are entered in another competition: Readers Choice…where readers vote on their favorite books.

We need your votes. Triumph Over Terror is about Chaplain Bob Ossler’s experiences at Ground Zero after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  This contest ends December 10, 2017.

buff.ly/2zYMgjJ Category 6 #Memoir Triumph Over Terror by Bob Ossler and Janice Hall Heck.

Please vote now. Click on the site link, then click on the black bar with 1/16 that pops up. Wait a second, then click through to category 6 on the black bar. Scroll down to find Triumph Over Terror. Voting will only take a minute or two.  Thanks again.

God bless all of you. Bob Ossler Chaplain Janice Hall Heck.


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Triumph Over Terror – Award Winning Book

Triumph Over Terror by Chaplain Bob Ossler and Janice Hall Heck is in TCK Publishing Readers Choice Books competition at buff.ly/2zYMgjJ Category 6 #Memoir

“Chaplain bob Ossler has been in the rescue business for a long time as a firefighter, paramedic, and ordained minister. He is uniquely gifted in ministering to those who are hurting, so everyone expected him to respond to the call for chaplains after the 9/11 tragedy. But even with all his training and experience in crisis situations, the emotional toll on him was great. When you read Triumph Over Terror, you will experience 9/11 in a deeply personal way, and you will see inside the heart of a man who cares deeply cares for others.”    Sal Roggio, Pastor, Cumberland County Community Church, Millville, New Jersey.

Please see the 51 5-star reviews on Amazon.com.

Please vote now.  (Voting ends December 10, 2017). Thanks again. God bless all of you.

Bob Ossler Chaplain and Janice Hall Heck.

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Who is Bob Ossler?

bob-osslerBob Ossler, retired Chicago firefighter and ordained pastor, served as a volunteer chaplain at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center in New York City.

Ossler is now Pastor of Visitation at the Cumberland County Community church in Millville, NJ. He also rides with the local police department as a volunteer chaplain on a regular basis.

Ossler is author of Triumph Over Terror, written with Janice Hall Heck, a book about his experiences at Ground Zero. He spent a total of forty-five days over a period of four months at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks. Fifteen years later, after harboring painful memories of the disheartening and disturbing sights he witnessed there, Ossler decided to clear his mind and write Triumph Over Tragedy to show how he conquered his own terrors.

Ossler’s descriptions of his interactions with the families of victims of 9-11, rescue and recovery workers, cleanup workers, and thousands of volunteers will touch your heart and help you understand the physical and emotional, and spiritual suffering of those most intimately associated with 9-11. It will also help you understand a bit more those who struggle through any kind of emotional distress, whatever the cause.

Ossler struggled with his own post-traumatic stress syndrome: painful memories, bob-at-millville-9-11-2flashbacks when sounds or smells tricked his brain into thinking he was back on the Pile, nightmares, sleeplessness. But he conquered his anxieties by relying on his firm foundation–his faith in God.

The stories in Ossler’s book show readers how they can react to tragedy themselves, but also how to respond to others going through difficult disruptions in life without falling victim to bitterness, anger, apathy, or other emotional problems.

This blog and website will feature both Ossler’s experiences growing up with A.D.D in a pre A.D.D. world and how he triumphed over his own learning difficulties. He will also share stories of his experiences with people [without names] in stressful situations he has met over the years as a police chaplain volunteer. Some stories will be sad, some tragic, but there will be  humorous stories, too. Come along for the ride and see how a chaplain works within his community and with police officers who risk their lives to help protect our communities. You will be amazed at how your local police officers work for you.

You may find more information about Bob Ossler and his sidekick, Janice Hall Heck, at http://www.triumphoverterror.com.

Triumph Over Terror is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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