9-11 Brings Anxiety for Many of Us

Chaplain Bob Ossler at Ground Zero, NYC

Chaplain Bob Ossler at Ground Zero, NYC, after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Like all of you, 911 is really tough to reflect on each year. Those of us who worked on site at Ground Zero remember horrible pain, vulnerability, panic, anxiety, depression, and many other feelings that cause us great discomfort. It brings a few more hurtful memories as I briefly share this post.

My friend who helped at Ground Zero and at the Pentagon had originally implored me to go answer the ALL CALL for chaplains at the Pile. Over the years, I had worked side by side with this friend through thick and thin.

This friend later committed suicide. I knew him from military and we worked in California together. I’m reminded of his loving compassion that drew me to help at Ground Zero. Many friends and workers have died from the bad air and terrible working conditions at the pile. I still greatly mourn for them as I inevitably see reruns of that horrible day, and I’m forced to turn off the TV.

Chaplain Bob Ossler

Chaplain Bob Ossler at Ground Zero in New York City after the Terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001.

For me, 911 is a day of devotion and prayer. I lift up ALL EMS, FIRE and POLICE in prayer for their safety and security. Again, thanks to all who sent me loving wishes. God bless you. Bob Ossler Chaplain


Fifteen years after 9-11, Bob Ossler wrote about his experiences at Ground Zero in Triumph Over Terror.



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