Hyperfocus on Mission to Defeat ADD/ADHD

Good morning my friends.
Let’s face it, life just gets way too busy for all of us. Looking for jobs, taking calls, taking

Bob Ossler Chaplain

Walking my elderly friend to his doctor’s appointment in Philadelphia.

care of family, trying to eat right. There’s always something going on. It never stops.

          As Janice Hall Heck and I work on our rough draft of our book on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), I realize how much I miss the simple things in life. Like taking my old buddy to a medical appointment in the heart of Philly.
          Growing up with ADD in a PreADD world was truly a challenge for me. Concentration was not in my vocabulary. Teachers thought I was a daydreamer and a space cadet. They often played “gotcha” when they knew I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on in class. Classmates joined in the fun and laughed at my embarrassment. Name-calling after class became the norm.
          But what was going on in class was BORING. My daydreams were far more interesting–I was off saving worlds from destruction, rallying my troops to defend the nation, simply naming picture clouds in the sky, or playing my drums and snares with the Beatles live in concert.
          My ADD and listening problems still occur today as an adult, but I’ve trained myself to hyperfocus and take on the challenges of my ministry. Connecting with people with love and kindness and God’s love is my mission. People touch my heart when they share their troubles with me. I honor and show respect for them with my full attention. I can do nothing less.
          Our yet-untitled ADD/ADHD book will teach others who struggle HORRIBLY with life’s distractions. I show situations in which ADD addled me, and how I coped with each battle as it presented itself.
          Even now, there are days that I just get so frustrated and caught up in what needs to be done first that I wallow in inaction.  But then I focus on my ministry and my purpose in life, and that keeps me sane. Other people’s needs come first.
Let’s reach out to others. God bless your day.
          Read Triumph Over Terror, by Chaplain Bob Ossler and Janice Hall Heck, a multi-award-winning book about Chaplain Ossler’s interactions with suffering people in New York City’s Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. His stories will touch your heart and fill you with compassion for those emergency services workers, search and rescue workers, recovery workers, construction crews, and volunteers who served there in impossible conditions. #NeverForget this time in US History. Read the message of hope in this book.


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