Cute Dogs or American Heroes? Who Wins?

by Bob Ossler Chaplain and Janice Hall Heck

Three days remain in the Christian Indie Awards Book contest  (  Deadline March 31.

Will dog stories win first place in this contest?

best-new-books-032618 --dogs

Our book, Triumph Over Terror, has been in two book contests (Best Books, 2017 and Readers’ Choice, 2017), and we have placed 2nd in each one (in nonfiction category) after books about dogs.

I love dogs. Our family always had dogs as we were growing up, and I had one when I was a young adult. They are great companions who cheer up people on their worst days and add further joy on good days. Dogs give unconditional love. Dogs are heroes in their own right.

Now we are in our third contest, The Christian Indie Awards (Christian Small Publishers Association), and sure enough, there is a dog book in our Nonfiction-Biography category!

Please help us honor our American heroes by making our book, Triumph Over Terror, a first place winner.

Click here to vote for Triumph Over Terror.

Category:  NonFiction: BIOGRAPHY

Triumph Over Terror is about our American heroes who worked to clear the rubble after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. Their stories will touch your heart and remind you that our country is great because of those brave service providers who worked under the most dreadful conditions to restore hope to New York City and to all Americans. Many of them suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

click here to vote for Triumph Over Terror

Deadline: March 31.

(The “18votes” in the link means 2018 voting, not the number of votes we have. This is a blind contest, so we cannot tell how many votes we have at this point.)Stan Honda Associated PressClick here to vote:            Deadline is March 31

Click here to order Triumph Over Terror from Amazon.

Click here to go to Janice Heck’s blog.

Thanks from both of us. We appreciate your vote. We know some of you have voted already, so thanks to you also.

Chaplain Bob Ossler    Twitter @bobosslerchaplain  Facebook: Bob Ossler Chaplain

Janice Hall Heck           Twitter @janiceheck                 Facebook: Janice Hall Heck


About Janice Hall Heck

Janice Heck, coauthor of Triumph Over Terror with Bob Ossler, is a retired educator (special education, early childhood administration). After retiring, she kept her hand in education by teaching English, writing, and computer applications (part-time)in a residential adolescent drug/alcohol rehab program. In her free time, she writes for, edits, and publishes a community newsletter; sings in the Margate Community Church choir; and collects old grammar books just for the heck of it. She loves travel, photography, cats, writing, blogging, blogging challenges, and life-long learning. She is a wife, mother, and Grannie to thirteen grandchildren. She is committed to Relay for Life (cancer), the annual City-to-Shore MS Bike-a-Thon, and the American Heart Association. Welcome to her blog. Connect with her @janiceheck on Twitter, Janice Hall Heck on Facebook, and website
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  1. Reblogged this on JaniceHeck and commented:

    Dog books are great favorites with readers. In two book contests, dog books have taken first place. Our book, Triumph Over Terror, has taken second place. For this third contest, Christian Indie Awards, we would love to see our book take first place. With your help we can. Thanks.


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