Triumph Over Terror – Award Winning Book


Triumph Over Terror by Chaplain Bob Ossler and Janice Hall Heck is in TCK Publishing Readers Choice Books competition at Category 6 #Memoir

“Chaplain bob Ossler has been in the rescue business for a long time as a firefighter, paramedic, and ordained minister. He is uniquely gifted in ministering to those who are hurting, so everyone expected him to respond to the call for chaplains after the 9/11 tragedy. But even with all his training and experience in crisis situations, the emotional toll on him was great. When you read Triumph Over Terror, you will experience 9/11 in a deeply personal way, and you will see inside the heart of a man who cares deeply cares for others.”    Sal Roggio, Pastor, Cumberland County Community Church, Millville, New Jersey.

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Bob Ossler Chaplain and Janice Hall Heck.

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About Janice Hall Heck

Janice Heck, coauthor of Triumph Over Terror with Bob Ossler, is a retired educator (special education, early childhood administration). After retiring, she kept her hand in education by teaching English, writing, and computer applications (part-time)in a residential adolescent drug/alcohol rehab program. In her free time, she writes for, edits, and publishes a community newsletter; sings in the Margate Community Church choir; and collects old grammar books just for the heck of it. She loves travel, photography, cats, writing, blogging, blogging challenges, and life-long learning. She is a wife, mother, and Grannie to thirteen grandchildren. She is committed to Relay for Life (cancer), the annual City-to-Shore MS Bike-a-Thon, and the American Heart Association. Welcome to her blog. Connect with her @janiceheck on Twitter, Janice Hall Heck on Facebook, and website
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